About us

We are a small and agile team, fit for medium and large companies, working on figures, comparisons, negotiations with no preferences, barriers and frontiers. Our approach to the procurement universe is composed of attitude, transparency, reactivity, determination and deep expertise.

At theWshark we think that Saving is not just a discount and a reduction is not always a real Saving.

Comparison offers to ourselves and then to our Clients an option to improve.

We focus on analyzing, comparing and directing mainly indirect purchases, having a full range of know how, like f.e. retail, supplies, general affairs and facility management, to a diverse group of national and international Clients.

Every minute, we work to enhance credibility in purchasing of our Clients through our commitment and passion for excellent and objective relationships with supply chain and vendors.

Another key part of what makes us different is something we call procurement elegance.

We like sincerely opening doors to new vendors and improving relationships and opportunities with existing chain, with no imposition.

Innovators are welcome into discussion and we appreciate everyone can create the Better. At the same time, we are determinate and very aggressive negotiators, but respectful of everyone’s organization and history.

We think that innovation is a vehicle for a real opportunity of saving.

The attitude to the production of saving is our natural skill.

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