Procurement Services

We are dedicated to ensuring that all supplies, materials, equipment and services are procured at the lowest possible cost using qualified vendors.

The cost being defined as the optimum combination of price, quality, availability, delivery and service level. It’s easy to stay with the same supplier year after year but we help to evaluate if they are still right.

When in front of our Client, we suggest cost savings through smarter procurement, reduced overheads, optimized supply chain processes and minimized risks. A direct contact with the Owners of our Clients is fundamental.

A daily contact with who operates for example in the purchasing, administration, logistics office and other functions of the Client is critical in a way that vendors’ chain becomes aware that our relationship with the Client is extraordinarily strong.

At the same time we deeply know the geography of the suppliers network, so that we represent a clear reference for outsourcing the procurement function in a proactive way.

We are very keen to analyze, split, compare and indicate the right road for purchase over several assets from retail to general affairs, from IT purchases to raw materials.

Our method

Our goals are the Client’s goals. We first meet the owners and share the needs and desires in terms of savings, assets to be focused on and general optimization of purchases.

We share the requests of the Board with the other functions of the organization and we receive all the documental archive to start the work, like contracts, invoices, estimates, history of the cooperation and what else is useful to setup the theWshark’s action.

We do participate physically to the daily life of the Company with a certain agreed frequency within the time, but our on line and professional presence is continuative. Our experience suggests that we can produce a better understanding of the needs of the Client if we are insiders and outsiders at the same time.

Once we have a clear idea of the results, as per defined service level agreements, we have an open discussion with the Client and give instructions to the internal purchasing office with regards to the decisions.

theWshark on board

One shot cooperation

We propose to operate on individual saving projects with a very short duration. A percentage of the produced saving will be recognized to us in addition to a symbolic monthly management fee.

The duration is usually three weeks but depends on the asset’s complexity.

Long term cooperation

We are convinced that, in a critical and strategic asset like the purchasing, a percentage on savings does not represent the right compensation method. We do not tie our skills and our remuneration to the savings volume because we do not need to motivate our true passion for the best.

An annual or biennial contract is the only tool we know and use to create e perfect dialog together, second by second.

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